Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two Worlds Colliding (Scorpio Stinger MC) Book
by Jani Kay

**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review
This is a biker book, but it definitely has a different twist.  Ryder and Jade are from completely different worlds, he is in an MC and she is the daughter of a lawyer and sister of a cop, and also a lawyer herself.  We first meet Ryder and Jade in the Prequel Ryder, which I definitely recommend you should read before this one.  (Ryder Purchase Link )  You get some insight into who Ryder and Jade are, and how they got to where they are when this book starts. 
I loved that the female in this book was a strong female character.  I feel like in a lot of biker books, the girl either is weak and has no where to go, or grew up in the MC.  Jade is definitely not that girl.  She is totally against the MC in the beginning, and has no trouble telling Ryder that.
Ryder was a dirty talking sexy biker from the beginning, and I loved that.  I also loved that we got to see the other sides of him.  There were several times that I was not sure how they could make this relationship work.  So many things are against them on both sides.  Jade's family is against it, and the MC is against it because of Jade's brother.  
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I really liked this story!  I love how Ryder and Jade are with one another, he gets her to loosen up, and she gets him to open up.  There are a few 
heartbreaking parts as well.  This is the first in the series, so more are coming.  It is not a cliffhanger, but at the end we still have a lot of unanswered questions.
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