Wednesday, February 24, 2016

9 Letters
by Blake Austin
Luke Cawley is a broken man. After his wife’s tragic death, he lost everything that mattered in the world. Now, his life is filled with hard days, harder nights, and a steady stream of alcohol and the wrong kind of women. Nothing helps.

Until the letters arrive on Luke’s doorstep.

Nine envelopes. Nine messages. Nine chances to find his way back.

Rae Goode is looking for the real thing. After fighting her way out of a string of bad relationships, she’s ready for something different–something true.
She meets Luke while piecing her life together, and right away she can tell that he’s different. Drawn together by fate and the desire to heal, Rae and Luke discover new ways to mend their broken hearts–one letter at a time.

This story was a sweet story about loss and finding your way out.  It was heartbreaking, but also inspiring as well.  I loved seeing Luke find his way with the help of the letters.  The things that his wife had him do were so simple, yet meant so much.  This book made me cry, as well as laugh.  
This is a different book for sure, it's not overtly sexy.  Its more sweet and moving.  It did take me awhile to get into this book, but once I did, I was sucked in.  
This book is available now and is free on Kindle Unlimited.  

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

by TM Frazier
I have anxiously been waiting for this book.  This book cannot be read as a stand alone, you must have read Lawless first.  The end of Lawless almost killed me, so I devoured this one as soon as I received it!!
I loved getting to know Bear and Thia in Lawless, but Soulless is full of twists and turns that totally threw me.  As with all of the books in this series it is dark in some parts, and very intense. At the end of Lawless we were very confused and had no idea where it was going.  Soulless jumps right back in where we left off.  Bear is very alpha and super sexy and I adored him.  I am a sucker for an alpha biker!!
 I am a huge fan of this series and I highly recommend it!  And based on the end of this book, Bear and Thia's story is wrapped up, but more is coming and I am so excited!!!
Both books are available now!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Consequences of Seduction
by Rachel Van Dyken
Another hilarious 5 star read from RVD.  I have loved this whole series and this book was no different.  I loved Reid and Jordan.
Reid Emory has never had reason to question his luck with the ladies. As the owner of a lethal set of aqua-blue eyes and a devastating grin, this Hollywood heartthrob always brings his A game…but lately his luck seems to have run out. The actor is in need of some help, and there’s only one person he can trust to take his love life—and his career—to an explosive new level.
Jordan Litwright’s newest client is trying her patience. As a publicist, she’s more than content to stay in the background and let others shine. But when a publicity stunt backfires, she suddenly finds herself thrust into the spotlight—as Reid’s new love interest. And while other men usually overlook her, Reid is focusing in with laserlike intensity. There’s no denying they have serious chemistry.
But once Reid breaks into the big time, can they turn their made-for-the-media romance into a forever love?
We met Reid in the previous books and he was funny and sexy.  We get so much more of him in this book though.  He is still funny and sweet, but also a little awkward.  He has landed a big role in a movie and he is looking a for a new publicist who happens to be Jordan.  Jordan is a ton of fun and strong.  She doesn't put up with Reid's crap and she also manages to not kill Max.  And Max is on another level in this book.  He has always been a handful, and this book is no different.  He stirs up all kinds of trouble.   
 This is a fun and sexy read and I highly recommend it!!
This is available now along with all the other books in the series, and they are free if you have kindle unlimited!!


Friday, February 5, 2016

Fighting Solitude
by Aly Martinez
Fighting Solitude is book 3 in the On The Ropes series.  I really enjoyed both of the previous books so I was really excited to read this one.  

I was born a fighter. Abandoned by my parents, I spent my life forging my own path—one guided by my fists and paved with pain.

Untouchable in the ring, I destroyed everyone who faced me, but that’s where my victories ended. Outside the ropes, I repeatedly failed the few people who loved me. Including my best friend, Liv James—the one person I’d die to protect.

Even though I didn’t deserve her, Liv never stopped believing in me. Never gave up. Never let go. After all, she understood what I’d lost, because she’d lost it too.

Liv was everything to me, but she was never truly mine.

That was going to change.

I lost my first love, but I refused to lose my soulmate.

Now, I’m on the ropes during the toughest battles of my life.
Fighting to be the man she deserves.
Fighting the solitude of our pasts.
Fighting for her 
This is a series of interconnected standalones.  You can read this one if you haven't read the other ones.  
I adored the characters in this book.  They deal with so many different issues and it is gut wrenching at times, and funny and sexy as well.  
We met Quarry in the previous books, he was the youngest of the 3 brothers.  In this book we get to see him grow up and become a sexy, funny, and sweet adult.  This book is alternating POV's going between past and present.  I loved Liz, she was funny and strong, and also a little vulnerable.  We get to see her and Quarry grow up and best friends and then become more.   I loved the banter between the 2 of them.  They are funny and loving.  
I loved this series but this one was my favorite.  Quarry is fun and sexy and a little troubled.  And Liv is hilarious and strong.  I loved the conclusion of the story, we get a little of all the brothers and I thought it was excellent ending.  
Fighting Solitude is available now and can be read as a standalone, but I think you would enjoy it more if you read all of them.  Book 1 is on sale for $.99 right now as well.
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