Friday, October 24, 2014

High Stakes by Nikki Groom

Here is my review for High Stakes by Nikki Groom, The Kingdom book 2.  I really enjoyed book 1, and the end was quite the cliffhanger, so I was anxiously awaiting the conclusion.
"Stupid. Beautiful. Girl. How did you ever think you could be free?”
The last words I heard before the darkness took me and my dreams were shattered
I was on my way to having it all.
Friends, family and a future.
Everything I had wished for but never thought possible.
Denham King showed me just how good life could be. A life where love and happiness were within reach.
I should have known it would never last.
My past is a dark, damp cloud, that has seeped into my skin and left a cold promise.
A promise of hurt and pain.
A promise of a long, hard fight, where the stakes are high and the risks threaten lives.
When your world gets thrown in all directions, and your dreams for the future are torn from your grasp; how do you go on?
Can I fight the demons that haunt me?
Can love save me from fate’s cruel path?  

After the ending of book 1 I was very concerned about where this book was going to go. 

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It went a completely different direction than I thought it was going to.  This story kept us guessing all the way till the end.  There were so many twists and turns, I really didn't know where it was going.  And I loved that!  I loved the characters, Ari is strong and confident.  And Denham is swoon worthy for sure!  This was a great conclusion to a great series. It kept me on my toes, and it was sexy too!!  I loved all the characters in this story, I am hoping that she will do a story for another couple that we meet in the book. 

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I highly recommend this series, and both books are available now.  Book 1 is on sale for $.99 right now!!

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