Friday, January 2, 2015

Best of 2014
This yea has been amazing.  I started this blog really as a challenge from my friends to keep track of what I read in a year, and it took on a life of its own.  I have "met" and become friends with some amazing people.  I have embraced my inner book nerd and I have had a great time.  I had only committed to a year, but I am going to continue since it has been so awesome.  I read 300 books this year which is a lot more than I thought.  I also met KRISTEN ASHELY!!!!  Which was incredible!!  I have loved introducing people to amazing reads that they may not have found otherwise.  So Happy 2015 and hopefully this year will be even better than last!!
Best Reads of 2014 (in no particular order)
I discovered KA and all of her amazingness and The Will is one of my absolute favorites, it made me cry in the best way.  I LOVED it!!!  It is a little different than her other books since it doesn't have any mystery, but it is incredible and I highly recommend it!! The Will
This is my other favorite KA book.  Let me also say that I have never read one of KA books that I didn't love, but these last 2 are my favorites of hers.  If you haven't met Samson Cooper, you definitely need to!! Heaven and Hell
 Product DetailsThis is an awesome biker book, and I highly recommend it.  I was a little torn when I read the description but everyone was talking about it, so I took a chance and it was incredible.  The end will make you a little crazy though,  I cannot wait for the next book!!  Nine Minutes
Product Details
Becoming Calder and Finding Eden were quite possibly the best books I read this year!!  They were unexpected, different, heartbreaking, and absolutely amazing!!!  This is 2 books, but they are incredible and everyone should read them!  Becoming Calder  Finding Eden

Product Details  So so good.  I loved Archer and this story is very different and beautiful!!  I cried, I laughed, I swooned.  It has a little of everything and you should definitely read it!!  Archers Voice
Product Details UMMM, Colleen Hoover is amazing.  She is my go to author that never disappoints!!  I have never read anything by her that I didn't love, and this one is right up there.  There is a fun twist in this one as well.  And it's currently on sale for $1.99!!  Maybe Someday
Product Details Again, Colleen Hoover.  Loved this book.  It is a little darker, and made me cry like a baby, but I absolutely loved it!!  Ugly Love
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This book was compeletly unexpected and totally sucked me inIt is very dark and sexy, and I loved the main characters.  The conclusion is just as amazing.  Brutally Beautiful
Product Details  AMAZING!!!  This book was given to me to review and I and I had no expectations.  It is an epic love story that spans decades and it is heartbreaking and incredible.  Everyone should read these books, and currently you can get both books in a boxed set Carnage Boxed Set
Product DetailsThis is a stand alone romance and I LOVED it, it was very angsty, but I absolutely fell in love with the characters.  Highly recommend it.  It is on sale for $.99 right now too!!  The Pact
Product Details This book is a little paranormal, and a little heartbreaking, but so amazing!!  I fell in love with the characters, Amt Harmon did it again with this one.  She is one of my go to authors for sure  The Law of Moses

Product DetailsThis one of those books that has a crazy twist I did not see coming!  It was nuts, I had no idea what was going for about half of the book.  I love it when that happens!!  Black Lies

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