Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Releases
Tons of new releases over the last few days!!  My one clicking has gone through the roof!!
Monster in His Eyes Link 
This is a dark romance that is getting amazing reviews
The Resistance Link
Rock star romance and it is currently only $.99!  Love me a good rock star story
It Ain't Me, Babe Link
Another one that is getting awesome reviews, and also looks a little dark

Take Me For Granted Link
A new series by the fabulous KA Linde, also about a rock star.  This author can completely suck you into a story, which at times can make you swoon and also make you want to punch some of the characters in the face.  I love her!
Alpha Link
This is a new book by Jasinda Wilder, and it looks completely different than anything I have read from her before.  It seems a little dark,  and of course, there is an uber-alpha, which I am a sucker for.  Cannot wait to get sucked into this story.  Getting ready to start this one now.
Beautiful Ink  Link
A new biker book, and it looks interesting.  I have not heard much about it, but the synopsis is intriguing, and I am always looking for a new biker book
The Resurrection of Aubrey Miller Link  
Another one that is getting great reviews.  I have read several books by this author, and I am excited for this one.  Her stories are always well written and heartfelt, and I have really enjoyed them.  

There are so many releases today, I am sure I missed some!  But this should definitely get you started!

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