Friday, August 15, 2014

Love, by George
by Robert Taylor
I was gifted this book by a dear friend because a friend of her's wrote it, and she contributed on a some of it.  Both story content and editing.  I had no expectations going in and I was pleasantly surprised.  
Love by George is the story of poet Hope and online dating mogul George. Both at risk of joining the terminally single, they stumble upon love the old-fashioned way - by chance - after being pulled for the same random drug and alcohol test. Struggling with the paltry income from her greeting card business, Hope accepts a position at Love by George, Chicago's premier dating service. She makes an immediate impression on George, the company's founder, a bachelor torn between the pursuit of wealth and feeling truly alive. On New Year's Eve, it happens: midnight passion, long in the making, caught on camera. The consequences of a single kiss were never weighed, let alone the PR ramifications of one after another after another. Now what? One thing is certain: With the Paparazzi lurking, George's next move will be no secret. Will their first intimacy be their last?
Love, by George was a fun light-hearted read, that I immensely enjoyed.  It was an innocent look at falling in love by chance.  The characters were funny, sweet and completely loveable.  It was romantic without being cheesy or sappy, which I appreciated.  The relationship between Hope and her family was fantastic.  They were quirky and loving, and I wanted to have a Holiday dinner with them.  We also had a character that we hated, which every good romance needs at least one.   This book is sweet and hopeful.
This story is innocent (no sex) but it is still a great read.  It is fun, sweet, romantic, and a little quirky.  This is Robert Taylor's debut novel and he did a fantastic job.  This book proves that you can have a great romance, without all the angst and sex.  This was a solid 4 stars for me.  I hope you all enjoy it!!


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