Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pretty Remedy
by SE Hall
This is the follow up book to Pretty Instinct, and can technically be read as a stand alone. (But you should read Pretty Instinct cause it's awesome)  I adored Pretty Instinct and I have been anxiously waiting for this book.  I loved Rhett in that book, and he did not disappoint in this one either.  Rhett was sexy and brooding, and occasionally made me want to strangle him.  But I loved him!  Reece was a fantastic female character.  She was strong and funny and sweet, and I loved Reece and Rhett together.  I was also happy that we got a little bit of Liz and Cannon.  The banter between Rhett and Reece was fantastic and I enjoyed seeing Rhett come out of his shell.  The whole story is sexy, and not cause of the sex, because that doesn't happen until later in the story.  The build up of the relationship is excellent.
Envy is a silent, cold-blooded killer, extinguishing a little more life from me every day.

Hitting sharp, fast and seemingly out of nowhere; struck by lightning not a storm cloud in sight... in she rolls. Reece Kelly, a force to be reckoned with, head of the class- which means one thing- she's out of mine.

"You're wasting your time Rhett Foster. Locks have keys and walls can be climbed. I'm not buying your broody, skeptical act for one minute."

And then there's that...

But as much as she compels me to open up, show her what no one else gets to see...there's guilty shadows lurking in the depths of her eyes that she cannot hide.
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I highly recommend this book, It is a solid 5 star read.  If you haven't met Cannon and Rgett yet. I highly recommend both books!!

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