Thursday, December 10, 2015

by TM Frazier
Lawless is Book 3 in the King and Tyrant series.  While it is about different people, you really need to read King and Tyrant first to really understand the whole story.  This story is very dark and gritty, so be prepared.
She's prim and proper. He's leather and lawless. It will never work between them.
It's a lie they almost believe.
We met Bear in King and I liked him immediately.  He was a supporting character that was a huge part of the story.  He's raw and brutal, but there's something about him that I loved.  He never wears a shirt, and I am a sucker for a biker!!  In Tyrant we see him walk away from the MC and now he is lost.  He has spent his whole life thinking he would take over the MC and now he has no direction.  
Thia is awesome.  She is strong and sweet, and I loved her.  She's feisty and she doesn't take any crap from Bear.  She goes through something terrible and I wanted to hug her.  
There were a few times I wanted to punch Bear in the face, but I still wanted them to be together.  
This book is a cliffhanger!!  The next book is not due out until February, so beware.  I can't wait to read the next one, the end of this one almost killed me!!
The author is having a giveaway for 2 signed copies of Lawless, so make sure you enter.  The cover is HOT!
Lawless is available NOW!

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