Thursday, March 24, 2016

Where Lightning Strikes
by AL Jackson
I LOVE AL Jackson so I was so happy when I was asked to review this one.  It is a Bleeding Stars novel, but it can be read as a stand alone.  
Do you know what it feels like right before lightning strikes? How you can feel the current running through your veins? The trembles of warning that ripple through the air? It was a thrill Tamar King chased all her life until it became the very thing she had to escape.

For the last four years, Tamar King has hidden herself in an isolated world she created. She was safe. No one could touch her. Until Lyrik West walked through her door.

He’s the lead guitarist for Sunder and everything she can never have. The dark and beautiful rock star becomes everything she craves.

Lyrik’s life has been devoted to his band and that success has cost him. Bitter, hard, and filled with regret, he refuses to lose himself again, but from the moment he sees her, he wants one night with Tamar King.

The gorgeous bartender is more than he bargained for. Their attraction is consuming. Their desire overpowering. With one touch, they ignite.

But is it worth the cost of getting burned?

She’s a gorgeous nightmare and he’s a wicked dream
We met both of these characters in the previous books, but we didn't learn much about them.  Lyrik is beautiful bad boy with a troubled past.  It takes most of the book to uncover all of it.  And Tamar is a sexy strong girl who is also hiding a troubled past.  She uses makeup and clothes to hide who she really is, she even goes by a different name. 
 As both stories unfold we start to understand the dynamic.  I was so impressed with Tamar.  She was amazing and strong.  And when Lyrik finally pulled his head out, I was so happy.  There was a brief time where I wanted to punch him however.  
These two were angst, and love all combined.  When they collided, it was very dramatic.  I love this authors writing and how she brings her characters around.  There is a time when I was so angry, but I totally understood these two.  Such a great book!!!
This book is available now and I highly recommend it!!!

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