Thursday, January 2, 2014

Favorite Reads of 2013

Here is a list of my favorite reads of 2013.  These are in no particular order.  I had an extremely hard time narrowing these down.  I was afraid to leave any of them out, its like deciding which of my children is my favorite!!  That might be an exaggeration but you guys get the point.

Scars and Songs, Christina Zolendz 
I am not normally a paranormal kind of girl, but I love this whole series.  This is the third book in the Mad World series, and the author is hilarious.  This is one of those books that makes you laugh out loud, and cry a little too.  Loved it!!

Arsen, Mia Asher
Sometimes book consumes you completely and you cannot put it down, even though the story makes you nauseous and you want to strangle the main character.  That is this book!  This is the worst love triangle and it literally made me sick at my stomach.  But at the same time I was completely sucked into the story and could not put it down.  So, if you read this, be prepared to be completely disgusted and curse my name!!!

Making Faces, Amy Harmon
I have read off of Amy Harmon's books and they are all fantastic.  But Making faces was incredible.  It was a sweet and heartbreaking love story.  It was not what I thought it would be, but I loved it!  I cried, I laughed, and I even swooned a little bit!  Its a story of growth and it touched my heart.

Reckless, S.C. Stephens
This is the conclusion to one of my all time favorite series, Thoughtless.  I know some people had a hard time with Thoughtless because of the love triangle.  And in all honesty, I did too.  But I love Kellan Kyle!!  He is definitely at the top of my book boyfriend list.  I thought this was a great conclusion to the story, and it was all tied up so nicely.  I loved the end when you got a little glimpse into the future.  Such a great series!

True Love Story, Willow Aster
I loved this book!  This may make all time faves list, not just 2013.  This book was the first book for this author which makes all that more incredible.  You follow the main characters through an unconventional relationship that spans years, and at times, you are certain they can't end up together.  I laughed and cried and fell in love with the characters.

Sweet Thing, Renee Carlino
An angst filled love story with lots of tension and stress!!  The main characters are roommates, so you know that's gonna cause all kinds of trouble.  There are times when you want to cry with the main character, and then you also want to punch her in the throat!  All in all a sweet love story that will have you rooting for the characters, once you get past the throat punching!

Left Drowning, Jessica Park
Another angsty read (I am sensing a pattern)  A sad girl rocked by tragedy meets a close knit group of siblings and they take her in.  But as you get into the story you discover that they don't have it all together.  And a little heartbreak along the way that broke my heart as well.  This one is definitely a tear-jerker, but a happy ending.  I promise!

Trouble, Samantha Towle
The same author that wrote Wethering the Storm and gave us Jake Wethers, one of my faves, gives us Jordan and Mia's story.  Jordan could maybe give Jake Wethers a run for his money.  Almost :)  Another love story with some angst, and a lot of soul searching.  Your heart breaks for Mia in this story and all the things that she has had to deal with and how she is dealing.  Jordan has is own things going on, and in this story they both learn to deal with those things and eventually find the way back to each other. Very sweet and a little heart wrenching.

Carter Reed, Tijan
A very good alpha male bad boy story.  I am a sucker for those, and this one did not disappoint!  Carter is an enforcer in the mafia.  The female lead, Emma, Saw something she shouldn't have, and so Carter steps in and saves the day.  A few twists and turns, and definitely some heartbreak.  

Vain, Fisher Amelie
This was my biggest surprise read of the year.  I was not really expecting to love it, but I did.  I did not love Sophie Price in the beginning.  It took a while for me to get on board with her.  She really is a BITCH!  She gets into trouble and she assumes that her good looks and her money will get her out, but for the first time, they don't.  And she actually has to deal the hand she is dealt.  It is a fantastic coming of age story about a very spoiled girls who finally realizes.  The author is going to eventually write a book for all 7 deadly sins.  I read the follow up GREED, and it is just as wonderful as the first!

Honorable Mentions

Can't Go Home, Angelisa Stone
This a beautiful steamy love story with a crazy twist that you do not see coming!  This story definitely makes you think!

Driven and Fueled, K. Bromberg (soon to be released Crashed)
Alpha male race car driver that makes you swoon.  He has all kinds of issues and makes you want to hug him, among other things.  Loved this series and Colton Donovan definitely makes the book boyfriend list!

Undeniable Series, Madeline Sheehan
Biker series that is not for the faint of heart.  It is dark and the males are extremely alpha, and not always very nice.  It is dark and gritty, and tad bit disturbing, but for some reason, I loved them.  If you are a Sons of Anarchy fan, you would love this series.  There are 3 books released thus far, and more scheduled to be released on 2014. 

This Man series, Jodi Ellen Malpas
Another alpha male, very 50 Shades of Grey.  It is based in England and the speech makes me smile.  He is kind of an ass, but you still love him.  The series includes 3 books and I loved them all.  You want to root for the characters, even when you are not sure they can make it.  Jesse Ward is the lead male character and he knows no boundaries, but Eva can't seem to walk away from him.  Love them! 

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