Friday, January 10, 2014

Review of Fighting Redemption by Kate McCarthy
This book got all kinds of fantastic reviews at the end of last year, and I am here to say they were all right!  This story is beautiful and heart breaking, sweet, and funny at times.  
It is a love story that spans years between Ryan and Fin.  Ryan and Jake are best friends and Fin is Jake's little sister.  Ryan has a thing for her right from the beginning.  It is sweet and sad at the same time.  Ryan watches her from a distance for years, and when he is old enough to join the army, he leaves, and Fin does not hear from him for 6 years. And Fin is heartbroken, but she can't seem to completely move on.
Ryan is  broken, and he can't seem to get past it, even to be with Fin.  He grew up in an abusive family, and it still haunts him.
The prologue puts you on edge right away, so for most of the book you are waiting for the other shoe to drop.  And the author is Australian so the slang is fun for me too!  The story between Ryan and Fin is heartbreaking and sweet at the same time.  Frustrating at times, but I loved both of the characters.  Ryan is swoon worthy for sure, a little alpha male, and completely sweet and loving to Fin.  Sometimes I wanted to scream at him, but that's part of what makes him a fantastic character. He was also a hero, his story is one of a soldier who is trying to find his worth.  
Fighting Redemption is a love story in the truest sense.  It is about soul mates, and bravery.  It is about Friendship and loyalty.  This story made me cry, smile, and touched my heart too.   
This story got a resounding, emotional 5 stars!!!!

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