Monday, February 3, 2014

Melting Ms. Frost by Kat Black
**ARC courtesy of Netgalley in exchange for an honest review **
This is the story of Annabel Frost and Aidan Flynn.  Annabel is a manager of a restaurant in London and Aidan is the new bartender. Annabel is cold and Aidan can't take his eyes of her.  She seems immune to his charms, but Aidan is sure he can break through her walls. 
When I first started this book I thought it would be a light-hearted love story, but there was definitely more to it.  It took a very long time for me to get to the point that I liked Annabel.  She was a very cold, and that was very hard to get past.  I was not sure that we ever would, but the more you get to know her you begin to understand.  Aidan is very determined, alpha male who I was rooting for from the beginning.  I honestly wasn't sure what he was attracted to at first.  But he was determined. 
I had a little bit of trouble with some of the English slang, but I was eventually able to figure that out.  I also felt like it took a long time for them to get together, and that frustrated me a bit.  But when they do it's pretty hot, with lots of blatant sexual innuendo.

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