Monday, February 10, 2014

More Than Him by Jay McLean
**ARC provided in exchange for an honest review**
This review does contain spoilers from book 2, More Than Her. 
This book is the third book in a series.  I loved the first 2 books and the third did not disappoint.  The first book, More Than This, was about Jake and Kayla, and the characters from book 2 and 3 are also introduced.  Book 2, More Than Her, is about Logan and Amanda, and it is quite the cliffhanger that I did not see coming.  In book 2 Logan and Amanda begin a relationship and we fall in love with them.  We learn about Logan and his demons, and he breaks our heart a little.  Logan is adopted, and his early childhood was anything but loving.  And because of that Logan has struggled.  His real father comes back at the end of book 2 and attacks Logan and Amanda, and because of that, Logan feels he needs to leave Amanda in order to keep her safe. 

At the beginning on More Than Him, we find Amanda broken hearted and unable to move on from Logan,  She is also traumatized from the event with Logans birth father.  She is scared of almost everything, and most of all she is mad, and she misses Logan terribly.  The whole first part of the book is from Amanda's POV, and we do not know where Logan is.  
When Logan comes back we get some insight into Logan and everything that he went through.  I wanted to be mad at Logan, but in the end I just wanted to hug him.  Logan believed that leaving Amanda was the right thing, but learns that maybe he made the wrong choice. 

I loved that we got a conclusion to Logan and Amanda's story.  I will say I did miss the cocky arrogant Logan from the first and second books, but I did enjoy seeing a different part of him.  I love Amanda, she is strong, but also a little broken, and that makes her real to me.  I enjoyed this book and I would give it 4 stars, and I can't wait for the next book about Cameron and Lucy, Lucy is one of my favorite characters from all the books.

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